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distilled water vs purified water

The Difference Between Distilled and Purified Water

You have a seemingly limitless number of choices when it comes to buying water at your favorite grocery or retail store. It can be...
Instructor And Elderly Patient Undergoing Water Therapy

Water Therapy Routine – 7 Simple Exercises to Maintain Health

Water therapy, also known as aquatic therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, therapeutic aqua exercise, pool therapy or hydrotherapy, is becoming a popular alternative to traditional therapy...
ways to conserve water

120 Brilliant Ways to Conserve Water and Help the Environment

Conserving water matters. With droughts causing issues in more areas than ever, cutting back on water use is an excellent way to preserve a...
Water Diet

3 Ways To Approach a Water Diet and Successfully Clean Your...

Most diets are restrictive for one reason or another. Of all the mainstream dieting plans, one of the best ways to rid your body...
running water

Survival 101: Water Purification Methods to Keep You Alive and Healthy

Whether you're out in the wild or surviving a disaster, the importance of the right water purification methods cannot be overstated.