Culligan Water Cooler: An In-Depth Look at its Specifications

Culligan Water Cooler

If your tap water leaves something to be desired, and you're tired of spending money on bottled water, your option may be a throwback of sorts. The "Culligan Man" was a fixture beginning in the 1940s and beyond, delivering fresh water to homes. Unlike many nostalgic fixtures, Culligan is still alive and well. They now specialize in providing water softeners, water filters and bottled water to homes and offices across the United States. If you're looking for a solution to your water doldrums, give a Culligan water cooler a try. Below is our review of two water cooler options and their customer service.

What Is Culligan?

What Is a Water Cooler?

What Are Some of the Products and Services Offered by Culligan?

How Does the Culligan Service Work?

What Are the Features of the Culligan Water Cooler?

What Is a Bottle-Free Water Cooler?

What Are Customers Saying About Culligan?

Culligan Water Cooler

Water Processing: 

16 gallons of cold water processed per hour

Unit Options:

Freestanding or countertop designs available

Size of Unit:

 Varies between countertop and freestanding


 Self-diagnostic system alerts when something is wrong

Hot Water Dispenser: 


Filtration System: A three-pronged process starts with reducing sediment, followed by filtration through a carbon filter to remove chlorine and foul tastes and smells and finally your choice of a reverse osmosis filter for reducing microscopic impurities, or total defense, which reduces chemicals such as lead.

We were unable to find exact specifications for the five-gallon water cooler as Culligan does not publish that information. You can always ask your local representative to give you a rundown of your options and the details about the water cooler.


The price of a Culligan water cooler may vary based on the style you choose to get and the monthly service plan that best suits your needs. We were unable to get actual prices and details beyond this. You can only get Culligan products through the company.

How the Culligan Water Cooler Compares to Others

Honeywell 39-Inch Commercial Grade Freestanding Water Cooler Dispenser, Silver - HWB1083S


  • Fits any modern kitchen
  • Compatible with three-gallon bottles as well as five-gallon
  • Check Circle
    Hot water safety lock


  • There is no rep to come and service the product
  • The unit is top loading so bottles can be cumbersome and heavy to load

No products found.

No products found.


  • Self-cleaning cooler
  • LED light indicators
  • Makes it easier to swap out the empty bottles for full ones


  • The unit is pricey
  • It can get noisy at times when performing the self-clean mode
  • It may run often depending on where you place it

Pros and Cons of the Culligan Water Cooler

Personal service and routine maintenance is the best feature of any Culligan water product. You don't need to worry about filling up your own five-gallon jugs or when you're supposed to call to get the system flushed and the filters changed. Culligan handles all of that for you. Of course, a major flaw in the system is you don't own either the five-gallon water cooler or the bottle-less dispenser. If you decide to end your contract with Culligan, the money you've been paying will not net you anything. You then have to start over with another service or purchase your own unit, such as one of the options above. They are all well-made products that offer you the benefit of clean drinking water.


  • Fresh cold and hot water on demand in your home
  • Water delivered and serviced at set intervals according to your needs
  • Culligan offers a variety of options unlike some of its competitors who only have one or two units for sale
  • The bottle-less option gives you complete autonomy over jugs, which all of the products mentioned above require


  • You don't own the machine
  • You can only use a Culligan machine to get the water delivery service
  • You don't know who the supplier of the water is, so if you don't happen to like a particular brand of water, you may be stuck with that water
  • Sales rep may try to talk you into purchasing a higher-dollar option than you want


In a time where customer service has fallen by the wayside, Culligan stays true to its company roots and puts the customer first. Their level of one-on-one personal attention is unsurpassed. However, some customers may not like to deal with a face-to-face consultation as they may feel like they're being pushed into getting a product they do not want. The bottle delivery and quarterly check up to maintain and service the Culligan water cooler are benefits to purchasing the service. It would be preferred if Culligan allowed you to have your own water cooler and didn't force you to rent or buy one of theirs. We could not get exact pricing because, again, there is not a lot of transparency when it comes to the company's business dealings. For these reasons, we cannot entirely get behind the company and their services. We instead recommend purchasing your unit, such as the Whirlpool or Honeywell models above and contact another vendor to deliver your water.

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