Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review

Britta Water Filter Pitcher

Sometimes the biggest battle you face when it comes to drinking more water is the taste. Although water is meant to be tasteless, chemicals like chlorine, copper, and mercury alter that pure taste, along with solid particles that make for a less-than-appetizing glass of H2O. Most people end up turning to bottled water for its clean taste, but the use of so many plastic bottles is bad for the environment. Most people don’t take the time to recycle, and as a result, many bottles end up in landfills.

Water filters solve this problem by allowing you to use reusable containers filled with water from the faucet. A water filter pulls out all the contaminants that give tap water its foul taste. While you can attach a filter directly to your faucet, another convenient option is to use a water filter pitcher.

What Is a Water Filter Pitcher

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A water filter pitcher utilizes a filtration system within the container. This setup makes a bulky filter over your faucet unnecessary, and it saves you from having to buy expensive bottled water. All you do is fill it up with tap water, and the filter inside the pitcher prepares your water for clean, safe drinking.

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The pitcher itself should be durable, with a lid that is easy to remove when it comes time to refill the container. Many choices on the market include a secondary flip-top lid, so it’s easier to fill without removing the entire top. Ideally, you want a pitcher that won’t leak as you’re pouring from it or refilling it. It’s also common practice to feature some kind of indicator that helps remind you when it’s time to replace your filter.

The filter and its filtration system are just as important as the container itself. On average, water filter pitchers require you to replace the filter every month or two. For the best fit and performance, it’s recommended to buy specific filters from the same brand that makes your pitcher. Some companies will give you multiple filter options to choose from, while others only have one standard choice. Variations in filters usually come down to lead filtration. You’ll have to pay a premium price to get a filter that will remove the highest percentage of lead.

Product Specifications

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Brita has a variety of choices when it comes to these pitchers, but we’ll be focusing on the most popular Brita water filter pitcher in our review: the Brita Grand Water Pitcher. What makes this choice so popular is the superior taste it yields, along with bright color choices.

10-Cup Capacity

The capacity of this pitcher is a fairly decent size. It’s not the biggest one you’ll find, but it’s certainly not the smallest, either.  Incidentally, you may not want an oversized pitcher, anyway. Your sink is likely just a few steps away from the refrigerator, and a pitcher that’s too big will take up too much real estate on your refrigerator shelves.

BPA Free

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical frequently used in the manufacturing of plastic. Most products you find that interact with food or drink in some way will be BPA-free, but it’s always a good idea to verify whether it is or isn’t before you purchase.

Locking Lid

The lock mechanism on this pitcher keeps the lid firmly in place. Additionally, a flip top allows you to refill the pitcher without having to remove the entire lid.

Soft-Touch Handle

The handle allows you a comfortable, firm grip. This may not seem like much, but when the pitcher is full of water, and quite a bit heavier, this is a nice feature to have.

Electronic Filter Indicator

A small battery inside the lid powers an electronic indicator that will alert you when it’s time to change the filter. The battery lasts for years so you won’t have to worry about replacing it. Once it dies, you can still use the pitcher without the indicator. You’ll just have to keep track of it somehow on your own. If the indicator is important to you, you’ll need to replace the pitcher once the battery has run out.

Longlast and Standard Filter Compatibility

Brita sells five different types of filters, and this pitcher is compatible with two of them. While the pitcher reminds you when to replace the filter, it should last you approximately two months. You can save money by buying the filters in bulk packages of up to ten.

How It Compares

One key attribute that each of the water filter pitchers in our comparison share is that they are not dishwasher-safe. For best use, you should always hand wash your pitcher. You also should never use hot water, as it could damage the filtration components.

We considered the durability of the container and its lid, as well as the taste of the water after filtration. To help you look ahead to later purchases, replacement filter information is also included in our comparisons.

The Brita filtration system removes the overwhelming taste and odor of chlorine, along with mercury, copper and cadmium. The pure taste of the water is well-loved by customers, with an average customer rating of 4 stars or higher. While the size is not narrow enough to slide into the refrigerator door, users like that they don’t have to fill it up as much.

Despite the claim that the lid locks into place, it has a habit of becoming flimsy, especially when you’re refilling the pitcher. Many reviews insist that this is simply because the lid is not fastened properly, but the difficulty involved in such a simple task can be frustrating.

With this pitcher, you’ll receive a 90-day warranty from Brita. The pricier filter increases purity by eliminating 99 percent of lead contaminants in addition to the usual filtration. You will need to pre-soak these filters before using them. There are six color and/or pattern choices.

This brand uses a patented filtration system that reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) to 0 parts per million. This five-stage process claims to perform better than any other filtration brand. It includes a water quality meter that allows you to measure just how pure your water is. While this is a nice feature, it lacks the easy-fill lid you get with the Brita pitcher.

Although it boasts this advanced technology, customers claim the water has a funny taste, and the filters don’t last as long as you’d expect them to. Replacement filters are available on Amazon, and you’ll replace it approximately every four weeks. This is less time than many other brands.

The warranty for this pitcher is 90 days, which is the standard for this type of product. However, the company has been known to be somewhat non-responsive when customers attempt to contact them.

The capacity of this pitcher is quite small at only eight cups, but it’s small enough to go into the door of the refrigerator. However, you should use caution when storing it here. The pitcher is a bit top-heavy, and some users report that it may fall on the floor from the movement of opening the door. Like the Brita pitcher, it has an easy-fill lid. There’s no need to pre-soak the filter before using it, which saves some time on assembly.

The filtration technology used in this pitcher is award winning. The pitchers improves the taste and overall quality of the water by adding magnesium, a mineral that is shown to be missing from the average person’s diet. Users agree that the water does taste very good, even when compared to Brita pitchers, but the design has some issues. In addition to its uneven weight distribution, the filter indicator burns out very quickly.

There is no warranty information available for this pitcher. The best plan is to buy online through Amazon, and it includes three filters to get you started. You can buy a three-pack of replacement filters at a discounted price, also through Amazon. It comes in five different colors.

This pitcher has the largest capacity of any on our comparison list at 11 cups. It has many of the same features that the Brita Grand pitcher does, including a digital indicator to change the filter, a flip-top lid for easy refill, and a soft grip on the handle.

Its slim design allows it to fit inside the refrigerator door for extra space saving. Many customers insist the filtered water tastes good; however, many also report that the pitcher’s lid doesn’t do the best job of keeping water from spilling as you’re pouring.

Replacement filters will cost depending on how effective you’d like the filtration to be. The basic filter removes 96 percent of mercury and 95 percent of industrial pollutants, while the more expensive filter does all that plus it removes 99 percent of lead. You’ll change this out every two months. The limited warranty is good for up to 90 days.

Pros and Cons


  • Pure taste of water
  • Good capacity
  • Easy-fill lid
  • Digital filter replacement indicator
  • Many color choices


  • Lid is difficult to assemble
  • Filters must be pre-soaked
  • Does not fit in refrigerator door
  • Price


In the end, the Brita water filter pitcher is still probably the best choice. We like its sturdy appearance and the ability to have some fun with a color other than white. While the lid may be difficult to figure out, it proves to be an advantage once it’s attached properly. Brita gives you two choices with your replacement filters, allowing you to pick based on your budget and the actual contamination of your water. This is helpful since some regions have better water than others and may not need as much filtration.

Even though a water filter pitcher isn’t a huge initial investment, you’ll be buying filters for it for the duration of its life. It’s important to consider the performance of the pitcher along with its filter. One reason we gravitate towards Brita is its auto-ship option with filters. If you subscribe through the company’s website, you’ll be sent new filters at a predetermined time, so you won’t need to worry about buying replacements.

While the price is slightly more expensive than any of the pitchers we compared it to, Brita is a brand that’s easy to find in a variety of stores with healthy discounts. Bed Bath and Beyond is famous for mailing out coupons frequently, meaning you can get an even greater reduction in price if you happen to have one. Shopping around can secure you a price that’s less than any of our other comparisons.

As a second choice, we recommend the BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher. The purity of the water appears unmatched with this pitcher, but the capacity is less if that’s of importance to you. If your refrigerator space is lacking, then either the BWT, the PUR or the ZeroWater will fit nicely into your refrigerator door.

Regardless of your choice, the convenience of this pitcher is worth investing in. You’ll drink easy knowing that the water is safe and pure.


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