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Waterboss Water Softener

Waterboss Water Softener – A Comprehensive Product Review

WaterBoss makes whole-house water softeners that can adjust the hardness of water from any tap in your home. If your municipality or well supplies...
The Sonicare Water Flosser

The Sonicare Water Flosser: A Flosser You Probably Don’t Need

The idea behind the Sonicare water flosser /air flosser is cool, but most people seeking advanced flossing solutions would be better off looking at...
Rei Water Bottles

Rei Water Bottles: Most Trusted Outdoors Supply Companies in the World

REI is one of the most trusted Outdoors supply companies in the world. It is known for high product quality standards as well as...
young hiker drinking water

A Review of Katadyn Water Filter: For Your Halloween Camping Adventure

Planning a backcountry adventure or safely traveling in a developing country is easier than ever before with recent advances in technology. Instead of hiking...
Pelican Water Filter

Pelican Water Filter: Checking Out Its Features and Specifications

Installing a Pelican water filtration system in your home, apartment, condominium, RV, or boat is an easy way to improve the quality of your...