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Everpure water filter by Pentair originated as a manufacturer of water filtration systems for commercial kitchens, but the brand now designs filtration methods for home use. Everpure specializes in under-sink systems but also makes filters for water-based appliances and a whole-house filtration system.

Find out what makes these cartridge-style filters some of the best options for cleaner water.

What are Everpure Water Filters?

Everpure produces a variety of cartridge-based under-sink systems as well as whole-house water filtration systems and filters designed to improve the quality of water in connected coffee and espresso makers.

Whether you are looking for a lower-capacity and flow-rate solution suitable for a bar sink, or you’d like a filtration system with a higher capacity and flow rate for a kitchen or bathroom, Everpure has the right filter for any room in your home.

It is important to purchase authorized Everpure systems and replacement filters. Unauthorized filters may not perform at the same level and will void the manufacturer’s warranty. You should also make sure to purchase the right filter for your cartridge system. Most systems require one replacement cartridge every six months, but reverse osmosis systems have three filtration components with longer capacities and operational periods. This review covers every current Everpure filtration system as well as the replacement filters for each one of these models.


Product Specifications Everpure Water Filter

Everpure makes several types of under-sink systems with different capacities and filtration capabilities as well as a whole-house system. Find out more about your options to determine which Everpure water filter is right for your needs.

All of the Everpure EF-series models are commercial-grade metal canisters designed to protect the internal filters from bursting or splitting. These filters also feature a built-in water shutoff to make it easier to switch out filters every six months or once you reach the capacity rating of the filter.

Everpure EF-series systems filter out particles 0.5 microns or larger in size through mechanical means while retaining vital minerals. These filters reduce the presence of chlorine taste and odor while filtering out corrosion, lime, rust, and scale and preventing build-up in connected appliances.

EF-series filters are also NSF/ANSI Standard 53 Certified to reduce the number of cryptosporidium and giardia cysts in water.

Under-sink canister systems are designed to save space. Choose a model depending on the capacity you need and the amount of room under your sink. The Pentair Everpure EF-1500 is the smallest canister and the only EF model to require the installation of a separate specialized faucet.

This model is ideal for lower-usage installations. The EF-3000 and EF-6000 are rated for higher usage and are more suited to kitchen use.

The Pentair Everpure EF-1500 is a small canister perfect for bathrooms, coffee makers, ice makers, prep sinks, or wet bars. This model has a capacity of 1,500 gallons or 5.678 liters, which is equivalent to 5,680 standard bottles of water. The EF-1500 system requires the installation of a specialized faucet. Choose from the classic or designer series of single-temperature water faucets sold by Everpure.

The classic series Everpure faucet is a lead-free design with forged brass construction available in brushed nickel, chrome, or Tuscan.

The Classic Everpure faucet features a ceramic disc-type valve and an insulated spout with an aerator tip and dispenses at the rate of 0.5 gallons per minute. The designer series faucet is available in eight finishes including chrome, polished stainless, brushed nickel, satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze, and features the same design and flow rate with a sleeker spout and handle design.

The EF-3000 has a larger canister size with twice the capacity of the EF-1500, making this model perfect for kitchens, prep sinks, pot fillers, ice makers, and wet bars. EF-3000 filters are rated for 3,000 gallons or 11,356 liters, making each filter capable of replacing the equivalent of 22,721 bottles of water.

The EF-3000 does not require the installation of a separate faucet for dispensing filtered water, unlike the EF-1500.

The EF-6000 is the largest canister size in the Everpure EF series, rated for 6,000 gallons or 22,712 liters of water, which is equivalent to 45,443 bottles. Like the EF-3000, this canister also does not require the installation of a separate faucet. Both the 3,000 and 6,000-capacity EF filters are ideal for high-use scenarios and filter the same chemicals, contaminants, and types of particulates.


  • Easy installation and works great


  • A review said their cartridge ran out in just 3 months

The H-54 Everpure water filtration system also reduces common contaminants in water and requires the installation of a separate faucet. This model has a 750-gallon or 2,835-liter capacity, which is equivalent to 5,680 bottles.

The H-series water filters from Everpure feature proprietary Micro-Pure technology. These filters also work to reduce chlorine, corrosion, cysts, lime, rust, scale and lead from water and excel in terms of efficiency.

The H-104 has a 1000-gallon capacity that exceeds the H-54 by 250 gallons, making it suitable for higher-use installations. The H-300 has a 300-gallon or 1,355-liter capacity that is equivalent to 2,272 bottles and also requires the installation of a separate faucet.

The H-300-NXT is the first filter in this series to receive an NSF/ANSI Standard 401 certification for reducing emerging contaminants such as bisphenol-A and pharmaceuticals.

The dirt-holding capacity of the H-300-NXT exceeds the standard H-300 by 50% and eliminates up to 10% more chlorine with a 30% larger filter membrane.

The Everpure H-1200 features a 1000-gallon or 3,780-liter capacity equivalent to 7,573 bottles of water. This H-series filter also relies on Micro-Pure technology but features a specialized filter capable of reducing the presence of volatile organic compounds and MTBE as well as chlorine, cysts and lead.

 This filter design relies on a bacteriostatic agent that combats the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the cartridge to reduce clogging prior to reaching the full capacity or operational timeframe of each replaceable filter.


  • Great replacement for old THM 1 & 2 Cartridges.


  • Some buyers say, extremely low flow

Everpure also makes filters designed to perform specific functions efficiently. The PBS-400 provides filtered water quickly and conveniently. This filter has a 3,000-gallon or 11,356-liter capacity equivalent to 22,721 bottles and does not require the installation of a separate faucet.

The PBS-400 is capable of delivering water at a 2.2-gallon-per-minute flow, which is much higher than the other 0.5-gallon-per-minute EF-series and H-series faucets discussed above.

This filter is also designed to remove chlorine, corrosion, cysts, lime, rust, scale, and lead, like other Everpure water filters. If you want to filter water in your bathroom, consider the SPA-400.

This faucet differs from the drinking water faucets in the EF and H series in that it retains fluoride. This filter has a 3,000-gallon or 11,356-liter capacity equivalent to 22,721 bottles of water.

The SPA-400 does not require the installation of a dedicated faucet and delivers water with reduced chlorine, cysts, and lead at a rate of 2.2 gallons per minute, which is equivalent to the efficient Everpure PBS-400 filter.


  • Provides a fast, convenient water flow that won’t slow you down


  • Expensive, but worth the cost

The ROM III is Everpure’s highly efficient three-stage reverse osmosis system. The ROM III has a 5,000-gallon or 18,985-liter capacity equal to 37,850 bottles of water.

This three-stage system is compatible with chlorinated or non-chlorinated water supplies and relies on a pre-filter, membrane, and post-filter to reduce the presence of chlorine, cysts and lead in drinking water.

The ROM IV also limits the amount of total dissolved solids, such as asbestos fibers, dirt, oxidized iron, manganese, and sulfides. The pre-filter and post-filter in this reverse osmosis system also reduce the presence of VOCs and MTBE in water and keep lead under the Federal Action Level.

This filter is also certified by NSF/ANSI to reduce the presence of arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, cysts, fluoride, nitrate and nitrite, selenium, radium, sodium, and chloroform.

All of the filter stages in this system allow for clean and simple replacement without exposing internal parts to contamination. These filters are designed to last anywhere from one year up to two to three years, depending on the stage of filtration.

The ROM III features a high recovery GRO reverse osmosis membrane rated for 14 gallons per day. This system requires the installation of a separate faucet. This reverse osmosis system also relies on a storage tank to provide a final filtration before the water gets dispensed from the faucet.


  • Everpure systems are easily installed using common household tools.


  • There were bad reviews about leaking

The Everpure T-20 whole-house system is designed to remove chlorine and improve water taste and odor. This system does not require the installation of dedicated faucets.

Although this whole-house solution does work to remove excess chlorine, odors and off-tastes from water, it is not as thorough as any of the under-sink systems. You can use the T-20 in conjunction with under-sink systems for even purer water and prolonged filter operation.

This whole-house system can noticeably improve the condition of water appliances anywhere in your home. If you want to improve the quality of your shower or bathwater, you should consider the T-20, which removes up to 99% of aluminum, asbestos, fibers, chlorine, cysts, manganese, oxidized iron, precipitated lead, and sulfide from the water.

If you want the purest water possible, you should combine the T-20 with the right under-sink solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, and any other sinks in your home.


  • Prolong the life of appliances and other ‘point of use’ filters in your household


  • None so far


Improve the quality of water for coffee and espresso appliances with the SCS-350. This system has a much smaller capacity than systems designed for sink use at 150 gallons or 568 liters.

This system is intended to connect to appliances, so no separate faucet installation is necessary. The SCS-350 features a three-stage blending cartridge designed to buffer, filter, and soften water for the best-tasting coffee.

A high-capacity Fibredyne carbon block reduces the taste and odor of chlorine in water intended for brewing. Carbon-filtered water bypasses contain a small amount of softening resin to allow proper initial hardness for brewing.

This cartridge also allows for easy and sanitary replacement without exposing internal parts to handling or contamination.


  • Reduces hardness in water that can cause minerals to build up in coffee and espresso equipment


  • None so far

Pentair sells authorized replacement cartridges for all of the filtration systems listed above. It is easy to match the cartridge you need to the system. Make sure that the replacement

Everpure water filter you purchase is genuine to adhere to the terms of the warranty for these filtration systems.

Off-brand replacement filters made by independent manufacturers may not perform as well in Everpure systems and are likely not to maintain the quality of water for the full life of an authorized filter.

The capacity of Everpure water filters varies depending on the model but filters anywhere from 150 gallons up to 3,000 gallons.


  • Maximize the entire cartridge by delivering better water flow rates to a greater surface area


  • Some reviews say cartridges do not fit


You can order a Pentair Everpure water filtration system and the appropriate replacement Everpure water filter from Amazon or water filtration retailers.

The company’s website also makes it easy to locate showrooms in your area where you can view these systems and decide which filtration option is right for your home.

How It Compares: Everpure Water Filter

Pros and Cons: Everpure Water Filter


  • A full range of systems makes it easy to find the right filtration solution for your home
  • Filters designed to limit most contaminants and particulate levels
  • Ability to choose a filtration system that does not require a dedicated faucet


  • Priced higher than some other filtration options

Comparison Table


Regardless of which type of water filter you choose, you can trust that an Everpure water filter by Pentair is an exceptional filtration solution for your home. Regularly purchase genuine replacement filters for the cartridge or whole-house system you select to maintain the quality of your water.


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