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hamilton beach water dispenser

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The Hamilton Beach Water Dispenser is a water cooler, heater, and dispenser for in-home and office use. See how they stack up with competitors.

Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company markets distributes and designs both commercial restaurant equipment and home appliances that are mainly marketed in North America. It was founded in 1910 by Frederick J. Osius.

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Instead of using his own name for the brand, Osius paid two men that he hired, Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach for the right to use their names.

The company’s first drink mixer, The Cyclone, used an agitator implement that was designed by Osius himself and was found in soda fountains all over North America. The brand also became known for its toasters, slow cookers, blenders, mixers, clothes irons, and air purifiers; although Hamilton Beach does also produce other appliances, such as water dispensers, deep fryers, and coffee makers.

Let’s take a look at one of the water dispenser models to examine all of its specifications and compare those to the specs of a couple of other brands and the water dispenser models that they have to offer.

We understand that when purchasing a new water dispenser for your home or office that you will expect accurate and honest information when it comes to reviews for these products. This is why we would like you to understand the process of these reviews.

First, we research the product of interest down to its most minute detail. Then, we will compare it with other similar products that are in the same general price range.

Next, we’ll look at reviews from customers who have purchased each product, so we can gain a clearer understanding about each water dispenser.

Hamilton Beach Water Dispenser Review and Comparison

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The Hamilton Beach water dispenser is a stand-alone water machine that provides both hot- and cold-water at the ready.

The water dispenser has a bottom-loading design that allows for a hassle-free bottle replacement. All that is needed is to slide the bottle into the bottom of the dispenser, and soon you will be able to enjoy ice-cold, near-boiling, or room temperature water.

This product heats, cools, and stores water to make it available when you need it quickly. Ideally, these types of water dispensers can be used in offices for drinking water, as well as for hot water that may be needed for instant meals, coffee, tea, etc. The three temperature options ensure that you have access to whatever temperature water that you need.

The Hamilton Beach water dispenser has a design that is atypical of many water dispensers. Generally, when the water in the bottle reservoir runs out, you must open another one, carefully tip it over, and slide it into a slot on top of the dispenser, making sure not to spill water all over the office floor.

With the bottom-loading design of the Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, you eliminate the need to flip those large and heavy water bottles. This also significantly cuts down the risk of spillage when replacing the water bottle.

All you must do is slide the water bottle in the opening below the dispenser and attach the probe assembly. This connects the water bottle to a pump and the water tanks where hot, cold, and room temperature water is stored within the unit.

Hamilton Beach Water Dispenser Specifications 

The Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser offers a bottom loading design that prevents you from having to lift and flip large heavy water bottle to refill it, and an additional benefit of this design is that the water bottle itself is hidden in a cabinet beneath the dispenser. 

The dispenser is Energy Star certified and includes a high-efficiency compressor that provides improved reliability and cooling. The dispenser has convenient buttons for control as well as a child safety lock. Inside the unit, there are stainless steel tanks for storing hot- and cold-water. 

The Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is compatible with most three- and five-gallon bottles. Furthermore, this dispenser has an LED light for easy dispensing.

The machine is 13 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 42 inches tall, taking up only a small amount of space in your home or office. A power-off switch is also included separately for both the hot and cold tanks. The dispenser does not require any sort of filter; and the drip tray is removable and dishwasher safe, which allows for easy cleaning. The entire assembly weights just under 50 pounds.

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The Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is available for an affordable and very reasonable price and can be purchased from Home Depot or Home Depot online.

The Hamilton Beach water dispenser may also be found in stores that offer products for office spaces. This model includes a one-year limited warranty.

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The Primo Black 2 Spout Bottom Load Hot and Cold-Water Cooler Dispenser includes coupons for Primo water. This unit also has the ability to dispense ice-cold as well as hot-water with the push of a button. 

There is also a child resistant feature on the hot-water tap that prevents children from accidentally scalding themselves. The easy to use bottom loading design prevents struggling with flipping heavy water bottles and risking water spillage.

The removable drip tray is dishwasher safe, and the stainless-steel reservoirs are durable and keep your water conditioned.


  • Provides easy access to hot water


  • Some customers may find that it doesn't get the water cold enough

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The Glacier Bay Bottom Load Water Dispenser is Energy Star certified and has a hidden bottom cabinet for connecting both three- and five-gallon bottled water containers. 

The patented energy-saving kettle provides rapidly heated water in less than three minutes, giving the Glacier Bay Bottom Load Water Dispenser the ability to dispense hot, cold, and room temperature water quickly. 

The area beneath the dispenser is large and can accommodate many different types of containers that need to be filled. Additionally, the stainless-steel cabinet gives a fingerprint-resistant touch to the design.


  • This durable and stylish water dispenser will compliment any room you put it in


  • The bottom door must always be closed to ensure that the water dispenser will work properly
 pro hamilton beach water dispenser

Hamilton Beach Water Dispenser
Pros and Cons


  • Child lock keeps small children from using the water dispenser while unsupervised, preventing messes and spills
  • A sleek black and stainless-steel design that integrates easily into any modern home or office space
  • Keeps the water conditioned for quick hot or cold dispensing
  • UL certified
  • No need to worry about lifting and flipping heavy water bottles in the office
  • Energy Star qualified and contains a highly efficient compressor
  • Compatible with most three- or five-gallon water bottles
  • LED light is included for assistance when dispensing in low light


  • This model is the most expensive unit on this list
  • Due to the bottom-loading design of this model, its dispensing relies on suction, which is unable to drain the water bottle completely

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verdict hamilton beach water dispenser

The Verdict

While the Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is the most expensive product on the list, it remains a reliable water dispenser that functions perfectly in any home or office that requires quick access to fresh, hot, cold, and room temperature water. 

The design of the Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is more aesthetically pleasing than that of the other models with similar costs, such as the Honeywell HWB1033W. 

Although it is possible to obtain a water dispenser with similar functionality that can also dispense multiple water temperatures for less, the name recognition from Hamilton Beach lets you know that you will receive a quality product that will function how you need it to. 

Additionally, this model from Hamilton Beach is UL certified and includes a few features that are must-haves, such as the child lock that prevents small children from accidentally accessing the hot water. Moreover, small features like the LED lit filling area makes using the Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser simple at home during the night or in low light. 

The Hamilton Beach water dispenser is easy to assemble, and even easier to use with its tactile buttons. The reservoirs and water lines are BPA free that give you the freshest tasting water possible. 

If you are considering the purchase of a water dispenser for your home or office, these tips will help your purchase go smoothly, regardless of whether or not you purchase a Hamilton Beach water dispenser. For those who intend to do a little further research on other water dispensers that are available on today’s market, be sure to utilize these hints: 

  1. Set a budget for yourself and be sure to stick to it. There’s something to be said for being able to adhere to a budget. This is a great place to begin your search for a water dispenser. Not only does it help you to keep your overall cost within a comfortable range, but it also helps you to begin narrowing down the water dispensers that are available so that you can find the perfect one for you. Begin by filtering your search results with a maximum cost cap and continue your search from there. 

  1. Find features that the water dispensers have that you like. The bottom loading feature is one that should be more prevalent, as it is one of the most useful features offered by these machines. However, if there are other features that you find that will be useful to you in your home or office, make a note and continue to search for only models with those features. Likewise, be sure to eliminate models with features that you believe will not suit your needs or features that will go unused. 

  1. Read reviews online from customers who have already purchased the model that you are interested in. Water dispensers that have low ratings are red flags, and you would be better off avoiding low rated models altogether. However, it is worth reading both positive and negative reviews for models that have an overall higher rating. While some reviews may be glowing, which can build confidence about your purchase, others may offer a more level-headed approach to the model and point out realistic concerns if there are any. 

With all of this information to consider, the Hamilton Beach water dispenser gets the job done. Although there are other less expensive bottom-loading water dispensers on the market, the Hamilton Beach model holds up to its price tag. 

Its aesthetic design will match any home or office application with a timeless black and stainless-steel construction, and the machine offers near-boiling, cold, and room temperature water, which is great for tea, coffee, instant meals, and just for plain drinking. 

The hot water tap also has a resistant mechanism that prevents children from accidentally accessing it, which can prevent spills and scalds.

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