Voss Water Bottle: Making an Educated Buying Decision

Voss Water Bottle

There are many different options on the market for bottled water. Some simply contain water that has been filtered and sold for less than $ for a 24-pack. However, others are more refined. The sources are more exotic and unique. The water is affected by the source, so this is an important consideration when trying to find the water you like the best.

In addition, the bottle comes into play. The way a factory bottles water can really affect the taste or cause an aftertaste. Some bottles have unique shapes and are interesting to examine. Other brands have very functional bottles. There are also some bottles that are reusable, allowing you to get more from your purchase.

We are going to look at Voss water today. One of the standout features of this water brand is the Voss water bottle. It is a favorite of many consumers because it falls into the reusable category. This helps increase the overall environmental friendliness of this brand and provides more value to you.

Find out more about Voss. Learn more about the brand, the water and the bottle. Discover specifications and details, and get to know more about what to expect from this product. Also, see how it stacks up against competitors. Then, you will have all the information you need to make an educated buying decision.

About Voss

Ole Christian Sandberg and Christopher Harlem created the Voss water brand and idea. It originated in Oslo, Norway, and sells under the Voss of Norway ASA brand. The brand’s headquarters are located in New York City today. Voss water is available in 50 countries, but the main sales efforts are in the U.S.

The brand is well known for its bottle. The cylindrical shape is simple and refined. It has a matte silver cap that screws onto the top. The bottle is a favorite for crafting because it is very versatile. Consumers can get Voss water in plastic or glass. Plastic bottles are only available in limited countries, including the U.S., U.K. and Australia. The bottle is clear with the word “Voss” in all capital letters running vertically.

According to Voss, the water comes from a natural artesian source beneath the ground in Norway. The water is filtered through sand and protected from pollutants, which gives it a fresh and clean taste with very few contaminants. However, there has been some controversy with others suggesting the water comes from a municipal water source. There has not been a credible investigation to verify if these claims are valid, and Voss stands by its statement that the water is from a natural source and not a municipal source.

Voss Water Specifications

Voss water is sourced in the village of Vatnestrom in Norway. It is sold in still and sparkling options. The specifications given for the water in milligrams per liter are as follows:

  • pH – 6
  • Calcium – 5
  • Chloride – 12
  • Fluoride – 0.1
  • Magnesium – 1
  • Sodium – 90
  • Total dissolved solids – 290

The pH is a little low. Pure water has a pH of 7. The lower the number is, the more acidic the water is. Drinking too much of low-pH water could affect normal blood pH levels, which should be 7.4. The sodium level in the water is on the high side. The recommended level is 17 mg. Sodium is added to help the taste of the water. The TDS level is medium. This also helps flavor the water; the higher the TDS, the more flavor.

You can buy Voss water in glass bottles or plastic bottles, which are BPA-free. Glass bottles come in 375-ml or 800-ml sizes. Plastic bottles are available in 330-ml, 500-ml and 850-ml sizes. The size and bottle type is dependent on the kind of water you choose.

Voss offers still water with a clean, fresh taste in 375-ml or 800-ml glass bottles and 500-ml or 850-ml plastic bottles. Sparkling water is also available for water with a little zing. The fine bubbles add an air of sophistication to the water. Sparkling water comes in 375-ml or 800-ml glass bottles. Finally, the brand also has introduced flavored sparkling water in limited distribution areas. The flavors include lime mint, lemon cucumber and tangerine lemongrass. They do not contain sugar, have no calories and are naturally sweetened. They are available only in 375-ml plastic bottles. Most water can be bought as single bottles or in multi-packs.

Voss water bottles are very popular. They are reusable and great for crafting. In fact, many people buy this water specifically for the bottle.


The best way to figure out if you are getting the best of a product is to compare it to other similar products. We have done the work for you by comparing Voss water with three other similarly priced brands. These are all considered top-tier water options. They are priced higher than your standard water. We provide some quick overviews for each so you can easily compare them.

Size: 24-pack, 500-ml

The bottle is the standout feature for Voss water. It is the driving force behind many purchases. Of course, many people do enjoy the taste as well. However, with the acidic nature of the water and the high sodium content, this is not water you would want to drink every day. Pricewise, it is comparable with the other waters we have listed here. Because of the reusable bottle, which nobody else on the list can come close to matching as far as usability, the overall value of this water is pretty high. You are getting more than just water, which at this price point is something savvy consumers like.

Size: 24-pack, 500-ml

Evian is naturally filtered spring water that comes from the snow in the French Alps. This water is popular because it contains electrolytes, which helps it to be a bit more substantial and able to be used as everyday drinking water. It has a pretty standard bottle, but it does come with the option of a sports cap, and there are character-shaped bottle options. These bottle options add some value because they can make it easier to drink water or get kids to drink water.

Size: 24-pack, 500-ml

Acqua Panna is a natural spring water from Tuscany, Italy. It is available in plastic or glass bottles with a tapered top design. The pH levels of this water are very good. This could be a brand of water you drink daily. Also, it contains no fluoride, which is a controversial ingredient that many people avoid. The overall value is fairly good because the bottles actually have a design that is considered high-end and make it more usable in fancy settings.

Size: 24-pack, 500-ml

Volvic comes in a normal-looking plastic bottle that is pretty standard in design. It is natural spring water, but what makes it stand out is that volcanic rocks filter the water in the Auvergne region of France. It has a unique mineral mix and low pH, which could make it not ideal for daily drinking. This brand relies heavily on taste to prove its value, which is not a bad thing. After all, if you are buying bottled water, it should taste good.

Pros and Cons

If you can try a product before buying it, then that is always nice, but that option isn’t always available. The next best thing is to hear what other people have to say about the product. You have to keep in mind that when it comes to something you consume, reviews will be all over the place because everyone’s tastes are different. That makes it more challenging when looking at reviews and getting the most accurate information. Just because someone didn’t like the taste does not mean you will not like it.

With that in mind, we looked through countless reviews. We considered bias, and we thought about how people’s tastes vary. We went with the majority opinion when choosing the items for our pros and cons list. We hope this provides an accurate account of what to expect from Voss Water.


  • Tastes clean and fresh
  • Bottles are reusable, and the labels peel off nicely without sticky residue
  • Soft-tasting water compared to tap water
  • No metal aftertaste as can happen with some bottled waters


  • Short expiration date when compared to other bottled water options
  • Expensive for drinking regularly as a primary bottled water
  • Tastes different in glass than plastic
  • Some quality issues, possibly due to storage and shipping

We do want to expand upon a couple of things in this list. The majority of reviews we read stated they bought Voss specifically for the bottle to use it in crafting. Those people that bought it for the bottle often commented that the taste isn’t anything special. If it weren’t for the bottle design, they probably would not buy it due to the cost.

The quality issues were something that kept coming up in different forms. Some users found brown specks floating in the water. Others said the taste was off. Some were concerned that the expiration date didn’t give this a long shelf life. Others felt concerned that the storage prior to their purchase of the product was what led to the taste and quality issues. Most of those complaints about quality were from Amazon, so you may want to buy in a store or at least from a reputable seller if buying online.


Voss does not really stand out for its water. In fact, it seems most people buy it for the bottle. The taste is fresh and clean, but it really isn’t anything unique that people would go out of their way to buy. It is only the bottle that has so many people excited about this brand. The cylindrical, simple design makes the bottle very reusable. Those who enjoy crafting have found many creative ways to reuse Voss water bottles.

If you like high-end water, then you should give this a try. We don’t think it will replace your usual bottled water simply because it is high priced. We are also a little concerned about the high sodium level. While this can sharpen the taste, it isn’t good for your health to drink too much water with high sodium levels. So, overall, our recommendation would be that this is a nice water to drink on occasion. If you are a DIYer or crafty person, then you might love the versatility of the bottle and find a 24-pack a good investment because buying bottles this way is actually cheaper than buying bottles specifically made for crafting.


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