Review Of The Whirlpool Water Dispenser

Review Of The Whirlpool Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are the gathering places of office mates, teammates and classmates alike. A Whirlpool water dispenser utilizes a strong tradition of home appliance production to implement technologies guaranteed to produce cold and refreshing water.

Read this review to learn more about the features of the Whirlpool water dispenser.

Water dispensers are an important addition to offices, workout facilities and classrooms. They are easy and effective alternatives to installing drinking fountains and enable people to stay hydrated without carrying around a water bottle.

The Whirlpool Water Dispenser is one popular dispenser option on the modern market. This article provides an overview of the dispenser and compares it to several other brands to help you determine if it is the right product for you.

What Is a Whirlpool Water Dispenser?

Whirlpool is an American-based company that has been producing quality appliances since 1911.

The company makes a range of water coolers that are capable of dispensing both cold and hot water in effective and energy efficient ways.

A water dispenser goes beyond simply storing bottles of water in a fridge. With a dispenser, consumers have more freedom to decide how much water they want, and owners can more easily manage water storage and distribution. A water cooler chills water while a water dispenser distributes the water.

There is a range of water dispenser types produced by Whirlpool, and they are all directly connected to water coolers.

The brand does not separate the two water storage methods. These models include self-cleaning, stainless steel, bottom-loading, top-loading and display coolers, all with dispenser features. Each type has unique characteristics and qualities, but all of them serve the same primary purpose of distributing water effectively.

For a Whirlpool dispenser to function, all an owner needs to do is keep the cooler loaded with a water jug. Most dispensers need to be placed near a power source to provide high enough voltages to power the equipment that cools, heats and dispenses the water.

Additionally, some owners choose to give cups to users, thus making it an even more convenient source of water distribution.


Product Specifications For The Whirlpool Water Dispenser

The general appearance of a Whirlpool water dispenser is similar among different models. They have a tall and slender design, which means they fit easily against the wall and near corners.

Most models range in height from 36 to 45 inches and are 11-15 inches long and 10-15 inches wide. They typically weigh around 25 pounds. Bottom-loader water dispensers are usually longer and wider than top-loaders.

A water dispenser can be white, black or stainless steel. Technologies that make Whirlpool water dispensers stand out include the following:

Accu-Chill Technology

All Whirlpool coolers and dispensers incorporate this technology to provide the most refreshing water possible.

The technology includes the cooler producing ice right up against the water, thus chilling and dispersing the cold throughout the entire jug and eventually delivering a refreshing chill on a hot day.

Self-Cleaning System

By applying unstable oxygen to stored water, Whirlpool dispensers tackle bacteria and viruses to keep the water safe for consumption even after remaining stagnant for a long period of time.

However, it is important to note that self-cleaning is different from intensive filtering. Whirlpool keeps high-quality water clean, but it does not clean low-quality water. Make sure you fill your jug with reliable, filtered water before using it with the dispenser.

Steel Frame

Loaded water jugs can weigh up to 300 pounds. This is a lot of weight for a tall, skinny office appliance to bear.

Whirlpool dispensers are well designed and can endure this weight for many years, many them solid long-term investments. Additionally, bottom-loaders are available to make loading the coolers easier on your employees.

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One complete water dispenser example is the Whirlpool Stainless Steel Commercial Cold and Hot Water Cooler. This model is 36 inches tall, 11.3 inches long and 10.8 inches wide.

Like several other models, it has a strong stainless-steel frame that can bear the weight of a heavy top-loaded water jug. It utilizes Accu-Chill features to create refreshing, cold water and it uses long-lasting compressor technology that supports the chill features.

Whirlpool water dispensers provide chilled water at a temperature of 39-50 degrees Fahrenheit, and hot water at a temperature of 176-180 degrees Fahrenheit. This commercial cooler and dispenser is ideal for offices instead of purely home use.



There are several different Whirlpool water dispensers available that range in price. Five different options typically fall around the following prices:

1. Whirlpool Self-Cleaning, Hot and Cold, Stainless Steel Bottom Loader2. Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Ice Chilled Water, White Water Dispenser3. Whirlpool Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler, Hot and Cold, Stainless Steel4. Whirlpool Self-Cleaning, Hot and Cold, Stainless Steel, Digital Control5. Whirlpool Self-Cleaning, Hot and Cold, Stainless Steel, Bottom Loading, LED Indicators

Many online markets, including Amazon, carry water dispensers. Used options are also available on online market platforms such as eBay. Additionally, water coolers and dispensers are available either online or in person at home appliance stores, including Home Depot, Office Depot, Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.

If you are not sure about which dispenser is right for your setting, consider visiting and viewing different models in person. Once you know what you want, check online for coupons and bargains before purchasing it in person.

Amazon often offers discounts and home appliance stores may have season-specific sales running that can save you a decent amount of money.

How It Compares to Other Brands: Whirlpool Water Dispenser

Two other popular water dispenser brands are Lago and Avalon. Models from both brands can also be purchased on Amazon and in various home appliance stores. In this review, we compare the Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Ice Chilled Water, White Water Dispenser to specific models of each brand.

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Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Ice Chilled Water, White Water Dispenser

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This water dispenser is the most basic of the Whirlpool coolers and dispensers. It only dispenses cold water and takes 40 minutes to assemble.

The size dimensions are 36×11.3×10.8 inches, and there is a one-year warranty that only covers repair or replacement parts, not external scratches or damage caused by excessive use.

Water chills to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The weight is 25 pounds, and the dispenser faucets are nearly as durable as the frame.



  • Great and easy to use
  • Some reviews say that it seems too light

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Avalon Top-Loading Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser

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This dispenser is slightly more expensive than the Whirlpool. It also offers the option of dispensing hot water.  

It has dimensions of 14.5×14.3×46.5 inches, weighs 39 pounds and is made of stainless steel. Thus, it is larger than the Whirlpool.  

Additionally, the one-year warranty offer is almost identical to the Whirlpool warrant. Paddle spouts are easy to use with only a cup, meaning you can have one hand free.

This dispenser is ready to use right away, as it just takes a little over an hour for the water to completely cool.  



  • Water pressure is good and always at a constant flow
  • It is top loading meaning someone has to be able to lift the 5 gallon jug of water up and then flip it over to put it on top

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Lago Top Load Hot and Cold Mini Black Water Cooler Dispenser

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This dispenser costs less than both the Whirlpool and the Avalon. It also dispenses hot water and is larger than the Whirlpool with a weight of 30.7 pounds and dimensions of 39x14x13.2 inches. Once again, there is a one-year warranty. This model has a scheduled assembly time of two hours. Along with hot and cold water, it also dispenses room temperature water, all of which is controlled by a push button faucet. It sometimes produces an unpleasant noise, and previous customers have had trouble with leaky seals.



  • Equipped with child safety lock
  • You have to strain when placing the water bottle on the upper side

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Pros and Cons of the Whirlpool Water Dispenser

There are many pros and cons to the using dispensers produced by Whirlpool. Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons.  


Its long history of producing water dispensers works in the company’s favor, as it has managed to develop superb technology over the years.

With Accu-Chill technology, Whirlpool manages to offer water at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than the average water dispenser.

This results in a delicious taste and is also very refreshing for users located in workout facilities or buildings without air conditioning.  

Additionally, all Whirlpool dispensers are well designed with a stainless-steel frame that can bear enormous amounts of weight for many years. There are also fewer reports of seal leaks and loud noises as compared to lower quality brands such as Lago.  

The Whirlpool dispensers are easy to use with straight-forward, clearly marked buttons activated by hand. This is different than the Avalon, which can be activated by pressing your cup against a button.  

However, the risk of this is if you are using a flimsy plastic cup that might break. Thus, a hand activated button expands the range of water carrier options and makes it easier to fill water bottles at a less awkward height.  

When comparing the Avalon and the Whirlpool, both have easy assembly instructions and comparable warranties. Water is typically cooled and ready to drink within an hour, while it may take up to two hours before the Lago can provide water at a temperature besides room-temperature.  

One final advantage of Whirlpool is that it produces cold-water only dispensers. Many modern dispensers automatically include a hot-water option, which people with small children find concerning even if there is a way to lock or turn off the hot water option.  

The idea of water that is hot enough to make oatmeal or a cup of tea pouring onto small hands is disconcerting and easy to resolve with a cold-water-only dispenser. However, this is a personal preference that is up to the consumer to determine.


The primary disadvantage is the cost. Whirlpool dispensers have a range of impressive features, but you must be willing to pay more if you wish to take advantage of them.   

A consumer must balance cost with quality, as a Whirlpool dispenser costs more but is also designed to last for a long period of time.

Conclusion: Whirlpool Water Dispenser

Overall, the Whirlpool brand produces very high-quality dispensers and coolers. Even the most basic option that only dispenses cold water is a strong contender in the water dispenser market. One reason for this is the exceptional Accu-Chill technology, which is present in every Whirlpool model.  

We give Whirlpool a 5-star rating for producing top-of-the-line water dispensers.  

There are a variety of other Whirlpool models that meet the needs of any office setting. Some models are top-loaders, which makes it easier to judge when a new water jug needs to be installed.

Other models make it easier to change out jugs by using a bottom loader. Additionally, a majority of the models accept both 3 and 5-liter water jugs 

Because of its popularity, many Whirlpool models may be sold out online or in individual stores. When this is the case, visit the Whirlpool website and call the phone number posted there, as they often still have some in stock and can get one to your workplace as soon as possible.

The impressive customer service of this company only reaffirms our five-star rating.


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