Calgon Water Softener – Taking A Look at What It Has to Offer

Calgon Water Softener

There’s nothing worse than a load of laundry that smells dingy and feels scratchy. If you have hard water in your home, you know how difficult it can be to keep your clothes smelling and feeling fresh. While there are pros and cons to drinking hard water, you definitely don’t want it for your laundry. In order to get rid of the staining, smell, and troublesome hard water issues, try Calgon water softener liquid.

Take a look at all of the specifications of Calgon water softener, as well as some of its competitors. Understand why it’s so important to treat hard water in your washing machine and learn some of the pros and cons of choosing Calgon water softener liquid. Whether you struggle with the smell and residue of hard water or not, these water softeners and laundry detergents can breathe new life into your clothing.

Why Do I Need a Water Softener?

If you have rings staining your sink and toilet, irritated skin, and a washing machine that doesn’t seem to get clothes clean, you probably have hard water. When you have large amounts of minerals in your water, it can affect a number of areas in your home.

Depending on the minerals, some hard water is good for your health. Hard water may have an unusual taste or smell, but it can be completely safe to drink. Be sure to check the mineral makeup of your hard water, as some also contain bacteria and other harmful elements.

Hard water also affects many of your appliances. Hard water scaling can stain your sink and tub and can leave soap residue in your shower, dishwasher, and washing machine. Depending on the type of pipes you have, you can also experience buildup and clogs that can damage the plumbing in your entire house.

Hard Water Minerals

Hard water can contain a wide variety of minerals in various amounts. Whether your water has a little or a lot, it’s still considered hard water. It’s important to get your water tested in order to understand the amount of minerals and any other potential issues with your hard water.

Some common hard water minerals include iron, magnesium, limestone, calcium, aluminum, and manganese. Trace amounts of minerals can add flavor and health benefits to your water. However, be sure to contact a professional in order to understand the pros and cons of your particular hard water situation.

Health Risks

Depending on your hard water situation, some hard water can be detrimental to your health. Hard water can not only cause your water to taste and smell unpleasant, but it can also irritate your skin and increase your chances of contracting eczema and other skin conditions.

Softening System Vs. Softening Liquid

While liquid water softeners like Calgon are the least expensive option for reducing the effects of hard water on your laundry, there are water softening systems available that remove the effects of hard water throughout your household. These systems require moderately complex installation, so you’ll want to hire a professional plumber. Once you have a water softening system, you’ll be able to enjoy soft water in your shower, sink, washing machine, and dishwasher. It’s a great way to combat the effects of hard water throughout your entire household.

However, it also affects your drinking water, and some customers prefer the flavor and benefits of slightly hard water. A water softening system is a large investment, so it may be better to choose a softening liquid.

What Is Calgon Water Softener?

Calgon water softener is a liquid detergent designed for use in washing machines. It’s specifically used to clean clothes in hard water. Calgon, Inc. began in 1933, but it has since split up into multiple corporations. The health and hygiene corporation Reckitt Benckiser now owns Calgon water softener. While it was once an extremely popular product, numerous alternative solutions to hard water buildup have made it a less-than-popular, although still effective, alternative.

Do I Need Hard Water?

Calgon is explicitly designed for use in hard water situations. However, just like its competitors, Calgon is also effective at providing a more thorough cleaning experience. If you have soft water but still struggle to remove stains, smells, or residue from your dishes and clothing, consider trying Calgon in liquid or powder form.

  • 32 ounces
  • Hard water cleaner
  • Limescale prevention
  • Available in powder form
  • Active ingredients: zeolite, polycarboxylate

Calgon water softening liquid is an additive for your washing machine. It doesn’t replace your regular cleaning solution, but like fabric softener, you can add it to your washing machine wash cycle. Use 1/2 cup of the solution along with your detergent in order to remove hard water buildup and smell.

While the most common size is 32 ounces, you can also purchase smaller bottles as well as Calgon water softener powder. The powder is most often used in a dishwasher but is also effective in a washing machine when combined with laundry detergent. Most customers prefer Calgon liquid water softener but consider trying both options to ensure the cleanest, freshest clothing.

If you are experiencing hard water buildup in other areas of your home, use Calgon water softener on your dishwasher as well. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of the powder form of Calgon water softener in your dishwasher.

There are several non-traditional uses for Calgon water softener liquid as well. If you frequently use an RV, pour some Calgon in the black tank of your RV when it is empty. With a few gallons of water, Calgon will make it much easier to empty your tank without leaving residue behind.

This powerful water-softening agent is great for cleaning cloth diapers. Because cloth diapers are difficult to clean thoroughly using hard water, many parents use Calgon as an effective additive.

While it is very good for hard water buildup in washing machines and dishwashers, you won’t be able to use Calgon to clean your drinking water, shower, or sink. If you have issues with hard water in these areas of your home, you should consider using a complete hard water system instead of Calgon water softener liquid. Even if you only use your water softener system for your washing machine and dishwasher, it may be more cost-effective after years of use.

Customers love how effective and inexpensive Calgon is. It works well with High-Efficiency washing machines, dishwashers, and even RV waste tanks. Calgon works well to clear hard water buildup even if you’ve used your washing machine for years before adding Calgon. Some customers with soft water love the deep-cleaning results of Calgon water softener liquid. However, other customers reported skin irritations after use. Unlike more natural products, Calgon contains fragrance, which may irritate your skin and possibly aggravate allergies. Choose Calgon if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, but consider a more natural product if you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to fragrances.

Use With Caution

While Calgon is safe to use on your clothes and dishes, you should avoid contact with this liquid and powder. Ingesting or eye contact can be harmful, so be sure to rinse your eyes if it ever comes in contact with them. Always call poison control or a physician if you are unsure. Make sure you keep it in a safe location with other detergents and chemical cleaners.


Calgon is one of the most cost-effective ways to clean the hard water residue from your clothing. Consider the amount of detergent and softener you’ll use, and compare and contrast the effectiveness and safe use of each option. While Calgon may be the least expensive, it’s also the least environmentally friendly or all-natural.

Think about the amount of laundry you wash, and compare the cost of a full water softening system. Over the years, you may find a water-softening system is more cost-effective. However, there are many pros and cons to choosing a full system, so consider each option carefully.

While Calgon water softener was once a common household item, it’s become less popular in recent years. Whether this is due to more natural alternatives or the popularity of water-softening systems, it can sometimes be difficult to find Calgon. The two largest retailers that sell Calgon water softeners are Amazon and Walmart. Look for sales and discounts on bulk purchases in order to get the best value.

The best combination of laundry detergent and hard water softener, Rockin’ Green Hard Rock comes in a variety of scents and is one of the most easy-to-use water-softening powders. Not only is it effective at cleaning your clothes with hard water, but it also is a non-toxic alternative.

Use Rockin’ Green in place of your laundry detergent for a safe, green option. It’s created using plant-based ingredients, is cruelty-free, and is vegan. This makes it far more safe for young families and pets. While Rockin’ Green comes in four different scents, like sea breeze or lavender mint, it doesn’t use artificial fragrances.

However, Rockin’ Green isn’t as versatile as Calgon water softener. Because it combines laundry detergent and water softener, it isn’t a good idea to use it in a dishwasher or RV tank. It’s also far more expensive than Calgon, depending on the quality and price of your regular laundry detergent.

You’ll receive a 45-ounce bag of Rockin’ Green laundry detergent powder. Each bag will clean approximately 90 loads. If you don’t have extremely hard water, consider the Rockin’ Green Classic Rock detergent. This formula is best for soft water or slightly hard water. Rockin’ Green also produces an Active Wear detergent that is designed for heavy odors and stains. In terms of convenience, Rockin’ Green Hard Rock is an excellent choice for one-step laundry cleaning with safe, biodegradable ingredients. However, it’s not a great choice if you are looking for a bargain price or a versatile hard water solution.

Another excellent additive that combines with your traditional laundry detergent, Charlie’s Soap laundry booster is an environmentally clean alternative to Calgon water softener. This booster not only helps eliminate hard water buildup, but it also contains phosphates that improve the cleaning quality of any washing machine. As long as you use the recommended amount, Charlie’s Soap is safe both for your clothes and the environment.

Not only does this booster work well with laundry, but you can also add it to your dishwashing liquid, just like Calgon, in order to prevent hard water spotting and stains on your dishes. Combine this laundry booster with your favorite detergent, or buy Charlie’s Soap laundry and dishwasher detergents for best use.

Although Charlie’s Soap laundry booster contains phosphates and chemical ingredients, it stays above the minimum biodegradability standards. It’s not tested on animals and is safe for sensitive skin. Unlike Calgon water softener, this laundry booster isn’t available in liquid form.

Pros and Cons of Calgon Water Softener Liquid


  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive
  • Effective


  • Unsafe ingredients
  • Must be combined with detergent


If you don’t want to pay for an entire water softening system for your house, Calgon (or its competitors) are excellent choices for clean, fresh clothes. Whether you choose an additive like Calgon and Charlie’s Soap, or a laundry detergent like Rockin’ Green, you’ll soon be free of the smell and stains of hard water. While these softeners won’t remove the stains in your toilet or fix the low water pressure in your shower, they can make your clothes look and feel like new. Choose Calgon if you want the most cost-effective option for dramatically reducing the effects of hard water on your laundry and dishes. However, it isn’t a good option if you are looking for an all-natural and environmentally friendly alternative for sensitive skin.

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  1. I’m glad that there is actually an alternative for water softening system, the Calgon which can give the same benefit. Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Thanks for the article – I’ve been using Calgon for years (didn’t realize it wasn’t a very good product as far as being environmentally safe) – but over the last few months I’m having a harder and harder time finding it in the stores. I think maybe they’re not selling it in the U.S. anymore. Even Amazon says it’s out of stock.


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