A Review of The Mavea Water Filter: The Next Generation of Water Filtration

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It is a biological fact that our bodies need water every day. Water is essential to keep the body working correctly. It helps keep us healthy and functioning. However, the water we drink can also harm us if it contains contaminants. Even municipal water sources can be unsafe, as guidelines allow for some pollutants. Also, tap water sometimes contains intentionally-added chemicals or other additives.

This has led to a revolution in the way people get their water. Bottled water became incredibly popular, with many people opting to drink water from a bottle rather than the tap. Soon, it seemed everyone was drinking bottled water. While this was great for the water companies, it was horrible for the environment. Those water bottles started piling up in landfills and leaving a huge mess that would linger for many years to come.

In an effort to combat both the bad water and the bad bottles, a new idea emerged in water filtration: home filtration systems that allow you to filter your own tap water. The most common option is the water filter pitcher. You can purify the water from your tap and get it clean and safe to drink.

The Mavea water filter is one of those filtration pitchers. Learn more about what it is and how it works. Find out about its special features, pros and cons, and see how it stacks up when compared to other similar water pitchers.

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What Is the Mavea Water Filter Pitcher?

A water filter pitcher is like a normal pitcher except at the top of the lid, it has a filter. You add water to the top part of the pitcher. The water then runs through the filter, which removes contaminants. It then flows into the bottom of the pitcher as clean, drinkable water. You can store the water in the pitcher and just pour it out as needed. When it is empty, you just fill the top again and let the filtration process start over.

The filter in the pitcher is designed to be changed out at regular intervals. In most pitchers, they simply drop in and out for easy maintenance.

When buying a water filter pitcher, it is important to consider a few factors. The first is how easy it is to set up the filter. Some water pitchers require the filter to be soaked in water. Others do not. Some filters slip in easily while others may require some more work to get them in. This really depends on the design of the pitcher. When thinking about the design, you also need to consider how easy it is to fill and pour. You want to be able to fill the pitcher without a lot of hassle, especially if you will be using it a lot. You also want it to pour easily without spilling all over.

Finally, you need to think about the size of the pitcher and how that matches your needs. Pitchers come in a range of sizes. You should think about how fast it filters water, too, since that will play into how big of a pitcher you really need. In addition, look into whether you can pour water from the pitcher when it is filtering or if you have to wait for the water to filter completely before pouring. Some pitchers are designed in a way that makes it impossible to pour while filtering without the unfiltered water coming out, too.

two elemaris XL in the kitchen counter

More About the Elemaris XL

The most popular Mavea water pitcher is the Elemaris XL. The Elemaris XL comes in two sizes. You can choose the five or nine-cup pitchers. There is also a range of color choices. Simple white or black are often the best sellers, but if you are feeling more adventurous, Mavea also offers some bright color choices for the nine-cup pitcher, including the following:

  • Eggplant
  • Ruby Red
  • Tangerine

The overall design is very sleek and stylish. It has curved lines and a streamlined look that isn’t clunky, as many similar pitchers may be. It is BPA-free, so as not to introduce any further contaminants to your clean water. The five-cup version is designed to fit inside the door on most refrigerators. Its dimensions are 10.5 x 4.3 x 10.9 inches. The nine-cup pitcher’s dimensions are 10.5 x 6 x 11.7 inches. The pitcher also features molded feet that help keep it stable and prevent it from slipping or scratching your countertops.

The pitcher is very easy to use. The lid has a pour-through design, which means you do not have to remove the lid to add new water for filtering. You can put it right under the faucet and water goes through the pour-through hole in the top of the lid.

The filter is what does all the work, so Mavea ensured it was top of the line. The filter has a micro-screen design that helps to prevent carbon from being released into the filtered water. This is a common issue with these pitchers that can make it difficult to enjoy the water. With the special filtration screen, you should not see any black bits in your clean water.

You also do not have to pre-soak the filter to prepare it for use, which is a common requirement for similar filters. It has a special shape that helps it to provide a consistent flow when filtering the water. It also contains silver to help extend the life of the filter and provide antimicrobial protection.

There is also a digital meter on the top of the pitcher that monitors the filter’s life, so you always know when to change it out. The filter is completely recyclable, and Mavea even has a recycling program for its filters.

The filter has also been tested to see how well it works and what types of contaminants it can remove from the water. Here is a look at what tests have shown this filter can reduce or eliminate:

  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
  • Limescale
  • Chlorine
  • Organic impurities
Elemaris XL pitcher close up

This pitcher actually is certified to remove more contaminants, such as copper, benzene and atrazine, than any other pitcher. Each filter will last through 40 gallons of water. It should take about five minutes to fill the five-cup pitcher.

One thing you may notice about this pitcher is that Mavea is not a brand name that is well-known in the U.S. We have some very big names in water filtration, but this is not one of them.

It might make it seem like a knock-off or generic brand. However, that is far from the truth. Mavea is a brand out of Germany, but its roots are in the U.S. It actually used to be a part of the company that owns Brita, a very well-known name in this industry.

Mavea actually created the first filters used in Brita pitchers. When the company sold, it had to agree not to sell water filter pitchers in the U.S. until 2005. So, it wasn’t around for a while, but now it is back, and we can enjoy the great German engineering that went into creating this amazing water pitcher. How Much Does It Cost?

You might be wondering about the cost now. There are two costs to think of when it comes to a water filter pitcher. You have to buy the pitcher itself, which usually comes with at least one filter. Then, you will need to purchase the filters. Your actual costs over time will greatly depend on how often you use the pitcher and how much water you filter since it can only work for a certain amount of filtering.

You can find the pitchers at a range of popular retailers, including:

You can often find sales, though, to get filters.

Comparing the Mavea Elemaris XL to Other Similar Pitchers

Now, let’s see how the Elemaris XL compares to other popular water filter pitchers. We will just do a quick rundown on each pitcher, giving you some ratings for certain aspects. We will also offer a little commentary to explain the ratings.

The Elemaris XL gets rave reviews from consumers, earning it a perfect score in our ratings. Its ingenious design removes some of the common issues people have with these pitchers, including the problem of wrangling the lid to try to add water, which Mavea solves with its pour-through design. This pitcher is well-thought-out and makes filtering water simple.

While this pitcher from Soma looks elegant, users find it clunky. The lid has to be removed to fill it, which makes it less inviting than the Mavea pitcher. There are also a lot of complaints that the filter does not do a good job and the overall design is poor. It does hold 10 cups, which is a leg up on the Mavea.

This seven-cup filter pitcher from Pur takes longer to get ready to use because the filter has to be soaked prior to use. Users also complain that it is hard to pour, with water going everywhere if it isn’t held at the exact right angle. The lid does not seem to fit well and easily comes off or apart when using.

Pros and Cons

No good review would be complete without a list of pros and cons. We put together this comprehensive list using user reviews and our own observations about the water pitcher. We also considered the filter and thought about how it compares to the other pitchers on the market. This is a very competitive field, so we wanted to be sure you get all the details to help you make the most informed decision when you go to buy a water filter pitcher.



  • Filter makes water taste pure and removes nasty odors and tastes with ease
  • Can pour water while it is still filtering
  • Very easy to assemble, clean and change filter
  • Refilling pitcher is super easy and can be done one-handed
  • No charcoal in the filtered water
  • Pitcher is very durable and holds up well to being dropped
  • Non-slip bottom works great on slippery counters



  • Storing the pitcher in the fridge can weaken plastic and lead to breakage
  • Digital monitor needs careful handling, or it can break
  • First few runs through the filter produces undrinkable water
  • Size is too small for those needing large quantities of water daily
  • Flap on pour spout is flimsy and falls off easily

Our Final Thoughts

Mavea pitcher with lemon on the background

Overall, the Mavea water filter pitcher is highly recommended. It is user-friendly and the design was well thought out. It blows away similar pitchers when it comes to how easy it is to use and how well it functions.


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